Of delayed flights and toothbrushes

Of delayed flights and toothbrushes

We landed at Kigali in one piece which was a blessing, but still two pieces of luggage less than had been hoped for. A delay of an hour at Edinburgh airport meant that while a human could sprint for the connecting flight at Amsterdam with the assistance of moving walkways, the baggage took a more pedestrian route and missed the plane. However, all was well. Ten hours later, with nothing more than a new toothbrush from the local shop and a receipt for the bags from the airport, we were shown to our room at Scripture Union.

The Charity is back in Rwanda for another tour of the projects and if the bags didn't make it, the rains have turned up in buckets.This is the start of the wet season and Kigali is covered in thick cloud and heavy rain with thunder and lightning for added excitement.

This tour we are planning several meetings with the Presbyterian Church with a view to expanding the porridge project. It is unlikely that we will see any of the Nyamirambo children, some now comfortable in size 10s, as they are still in school. However, we will be visiting Marie-Therese however and catching up with her Saturday Church children who are all still at primary school.

The good ladies of Loanhead Church have come up with the goods once again. Two hundred fish-and-chip jumpers will be delivered to Pastor Francis at Embrace Rwanda. A 50kg sack that once contained sugar has been requisitioned for the purpose.

For a happy ending, the bags turned up on the next flight, twenty-four hours later. The jumpers are here and the old toothbrush has a new friend.