Refugees welcome here

Refugees welcome here

The results of that Referendum were announced yesterday and the internet has been buzzing with the news.

It is ironic that just as immigration was becoming a hot talking point at home, the rest of the world prepared to celebrate International Refugee Day.

Immigration is a feature of life in Rwanda. Scripture Union here in in Kigali continues to process Congolese immigrants who have fled the rebels operating across the border in DCR. These people are fortunate. They will be given new lives in countries around the world, including the US.

These are the lucky ones. They have been taken in by various church organisations. Many are less fortunate and cross a border relying on nothing but their own resources, which are often very little.

Many continue to come into Rwanda from Burundi where the political situation remains tense. Rwanda has little to offer these people, but they are welcome nevertheless. There is no social security or social housing here but for many the difference is living away from the fear of violence.

All of which rather puts Brexit into perspective and the railing against foreigners coming into the country.